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Accounting for Sales Return: Journal Entries and Example

In this situation, the sales tax is not an expense and it’s not part of the business income. From the business’ perspective, sales tax is a liability to the government until it is remitted. The business acts as a collection agency for the government by charging the sales tax. It will need to remit the […]

Fundusz indeksowy ETF ETFW20L na GPW w Polsce

Wystawiają oni swoje oferty kupna i sprzedaży, wspomagając płynność. Maksymalny spread w ofertach animatora nie może przekroczyć 1,5%, a minimalna wartość oferty kupna lub sprzedaży, wynosi po 400 tys. Animatorzy muszą utrzymywać oferty w arkuszu zleceń przez minimum 80% czasu trwania sesji giełdowej. Jeśli na rynku występuje duża zmienność, ETFy  mogą być przedmiotem daytradingu, podobnie […]

Asset-Backed ABS vs Mortgage-Backed Securities MBS: Whats the Difference?

Lenders set interest rates based on the amount of risk they take that you might not repay the loan. When someone defaults on a loan, banks lose more than the principal and interest they stop receiving on the loan. They incur the legal costs of foreclosing and the ongoing expenses of holding and maintaining the […]

How to Trade Options for Beginners Options Trading for Dummies

Content Basics of Options Trading How To Start Options Trading As A Beginner Another Perspective on Options Step 7: Fund Your Account and Go Live. Can You Trade Options for Free? What Does Exercising an Option Mean? Traders expect the stock price to be below the strike price at expiration. If the stock finishes above […]

How to invest in the S&P 500

There are plenty of ways to invest with little money, including utilizing online and app-based platforms that make it easier than ever to invest. There are plenty of investing mistakes that rookies typically make — mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars and discourage you from investing in the future. You have to invest money […]

Inside and outside bars in trading how to read and trade

Ideally, we want to see the inside bar form within the upper or lower half of the mother bar. As a trader, you must pay attention only to the inside bars that form in these areas. Check out TrendSpider’s Strategy Tester to experiment with hundreds of possible trading strategies without taking any risk. Stay tuned […]

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